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2JZ-GTE Titanium Exhaust Manifold Stud Kit

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1-Up Fabrication is proud to release our titanium exhaust manifold stud kit for the 2jzgte engine. With most aftermarket manifolds having runners close to the flange, we chose to go with a 45mm stud which is shorter then OEM and will give you more clearance and save you the headache from the stud interfering with your manifold. Machined from Ti-6AI-4V Grade 5 titanium our studs feature a #4 Allen key slot for easy hand only installation, all necessary washers, 12 point nuts for the top studs and 6 point nuts for the bottom studs. We chose to use 6 points as with some manifold applications, getting a closed end 12 point wrench on can really be a struggle. These come in 2 color options, Burnt Blue and Raw titanium. 

** Studs should only be installed by hand **

** We also recommend installing anti seize on each stud going into the head**

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