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2G DSM Coolant Overflow Tank

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Our 2G DSM coolant overflow tank for the Mitsubishi Eclipse and Eagle Talon is finally available! CNC machined from 1/8" aluminum, we wanted to design a tank that is completely different then what is currently on the market. Our tank features stainless steel 90 degree fittings with a sight tube (which is rated at over 400*) for an easy view of coolant level, (2) 90 degree barb fittings with the lower fitting running from your waterneck while the top fitting is an overflow port which a 5/16 hose can be attached to and run to the ground. The tank bolts in using oem holes found along the passenger side frame rail. Like all of our other products, the tanks are offered in a variety of powder coated finishes as well as raw aluminum.


** Please reference pictures as to where the tank bolts to as you may have wiring or intercooler piping that could interfere and need to be moved**

All parts are built to order so please allow up to 7-10 business days before receiving tracking information.

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