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Mk4 Supra LHD V2 Oil Catch Can

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An iteration of our V1 catch can. The first thing you will notice is the catch can utilizes a reusable K&N filter. Simply remove the 4 Allen screws for easy cleaning. Just like our V1 can, it is internally double baffled and has a 1/8" NPT drain on the bottom. The can utilizes the same mounting locations as the V1 Unit. We recommend this catch cans for customers who have eliminated their ABS. We have found that on some cars the ABS unit tends to be about 1/4" closer to the frame then others, in this case, the catch can will interfere with the ABS unit. The measurement from the frame to the ABS unit needs to be 5 1/2" in order for the can to clear.

Notes : Lower tab mounts on the OEM charcoal canister bracket. If you no longer have this bracket, we do make a replacement for $30. | Requires removal/relocation of cruise control.

Don't forget to order your Radium Engineering valve cover fittings as well as our catch can line kit, for a 100% complete installation.


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