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2015+ Mustang Crash Bar Spacers

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New product for the s550 mustang guys/gals. These crash bar spacers allow you to utilize your oem crash bar with up to a 5" intercooler core and no need to trim the bumper, you just need to remove the trim piece that is inside the bumper which surrounds the crash bar. Each kit includes all necessary Grade 8 hardware and optional spacers to use on the outside 2 holes of each side in case your intercooler bolts on using the 2 inside holes. Only modifications required are drilling out the OEM crash bar holes in the frame to 5/16 diameter, and then notching the holes on the crash bar some as it is curved, and moving it further forward changes the angle of the bolt location slightly. We opted to choose drilling out the OEM holes as it makes installation much easier rather than taking a chance of cross threading the OEM holes. Each kit comes powder coated wrinkle black.

SKU: 1up-s550-cb-spcr

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